Huckford Quarry Nature Reserve

Looking for an adventure off the beaten track? Lace up your walking boots and head to Huckford Quarry on the Frome Valley Walkway. Once mined to build the stunning Huckford viaduct that soars overhead, this area is now a vital natural habitat.

Deep, damp and dark throughout much of the year, the reserve is a haven for ferns and lichens that cling to old quarry boulders. Look up at the quarry face and spot plant fossils and ancient natural markings left in the layers of rock. Explore the peaceful woodland area along the River Frome and discover native woodland flowers, herbs and wild strawberries.

Head under the viaduct and see how many flowering plants you can spot in One Acre field. Keep dogs on a lead by the river and watch out for ledges and drops around the quarry.