Leap Valley

This site is a wonderful place to view wildlife because it contains a variety of habitats – from woodland with bluebells in the spring, to wetland with snipe and water rail, a pond and stream, as well as lots of grassland and hedgerows. In the Summer it buzzes with life – come here on a sunny day and you will see lots of bees and butterflies feeding on the flowers.

Head to the ‘Pirate Park’ play area, where your little ones can swing, see-saw, explore the pirate ship, and climb giant mushrooms. Visit the website where you can view and download a copy of the Leap Valley Nature Journal which is packed full of interesting information about the plants, animals, and bugs that live in the area. The journal has ‘I-Spy’ and ‘Things to do’ pages, as well as lots of information about the habitats, seasonal changes, and all the animals and plants that can be found in Leap Valley.

Also, it’s worth keeping your eye out for events – in the past, there have been bird-box making sessions and bat walks organised by the Friends of Leap Valley.

Did you know?

Leap Valley is a real hidden gem, tucked away off Badminton road. It forms part of a wildlife corridor linking the River Frome through to Emersons Green and can be accessed through footpaths Bromley from Badminton Road (just along from the Methodist Church), Heath Aintree Drive/Beverley Avenue on the David Wilson Estate or Park from Fouracre Crescent/Bury Hill View.