Thornbury Community Garden

This RHS award-winning garden is the perfect place to view the classic cottage style in all its abundantly planted glory. Bursting with herbaceous perennial plants and annuals, it is a haven for bees, butterflies, and small birds, and is a wonderful place to while away a lazy afternoon in relaxed contemplation. There are also plenty of things for little ones to do; whether learning about the beautiful plants, spotting the various animals who come and go, or playing on the mosaic hopscotch. This garden is open to everyone to enjoy, has good wheelchair access, and is kept in top condition by a group of committed volunteers.

Did you know?

The English country garden can be traced back to the 19th century, when households grew medicinal and culinary herbs alongside strikingly coloured flowers in humble garden plots. From the Roman period and for hundreds of years subsequently, the English garden was characterised by grandeur, order, and formality, demonstrating man’s skill and mastery over nature. In contrast, the humble ‘cottage garden’ with its over flowing borders, tangled vines, and riotous colour seemed natural, effortless, and in harmony with nature, despite being as carefully and artfully constructed.